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Spore - Intergalactic Conquest Can Be Boring

Spore (released on Sep 7, 2008) - you hear about this game almost everywhere. I've seen dozens of advertisements, read several reviews, watched some youtube movies - the game looked like a gem, so, finally I decided to buy it.

At first, Spore really made a great impression but the more I progressed through the different stages, the more I was getting disappointed with it.


Cell Stage

This stage is really fun and is pretty much identical to flOw, the game released for PS3 on Feb 22, 2007. You have to guide a cell - feed it, avoid getting eaten by other cells and grow bigger. Controls are easy at this point, customization is simple but very fun. The stage is over in less than 10 minutes.

Creature Stage

The stage is great - your life form gets out of the water and starts roaming the land. Creature customization is still pretty simple and is even funnier than before as you can shape your alter ego as you wish, possibilities are endless. Also, to advance further you have to communica…