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Ridiculous! iPhone 6s Plus batter dead at 25%!

Yes, died again. I was holding it in my hands and using it in all sorts of ways (audiobook, photography, messenger) but it's 4 degrees Celsius outside. Died at 25% and refused to turn back on until I plugged it. As soon as I plugged it in, it turned on and showed a healthy 26% of battery charge.

iPhone 6s Plus' battery dead again, less excuse this time around

This is getting overly annoying. Now the iPhone died at 15% with "power saving" mode enabled. This time it's even less excuse as it's spring outside. Estonian spring is not overly warm, but it was certainly above zero Celsius outside.

What is funny though, I was doing a Swarm check-in seconds before and Swarm actually gave me a badge for checking with low battery charger. It's very cool that they actually implemented such a thing as checking the battery. Kudos to Foursquare but rays of anger to Apple.

iPhone 6s Plus' battery dying at over 50% of charge... in cold Estonian March

So, it's the second morning in a row today that my iPhone turned itself off in my hands. The battery was at 54% percent of charge. My assumption is it happened because of the cold, but it was only -3 degrees Celsius outside and the phone has been out of my pocket for about 10 minutes only.

I remember how happy I was that my previous phone, that was iPhone 6, turned itself off when I left it lying on a leather chair under the direct summer sunlight. It gave a nice little warning about overheating and turned itself off. That time the temperature was really, really high and it was for the best. But -3 degrees Celsius? Ridiculous!