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Mount & Blade & Die

I've spotted Mount & Blade quite some time ago. I've seen it getting decent rating but didn't bother reading any of the reviews. I've seen it sold for a bargain price, but didn't care to buy it without knowing if it was worth even the low price tag. I really don't know why I was almost deliberately trying to avoid this game. It would have probably slipped by me if it wasn't for Steam.

Character creation process is classy
During the weekend deal of the last week of August (well, it appeared as they've extended it one day, at least) Mount & Blade was 75% and Mount & Blade: Warband 66% off the original price. The prices were down from EUR 29,99 each to EUR 7,50 and EUR 10,20 respectively. Now, the full price is outrageous, for the original M&B at least. It's possible to buy the boxed version for about EUR 6, that version also having more value. Something to put on a shelf, right? (Well, might be only me that old-fashioned.) Anyway, it wa…