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Escape Plan. Now Laid out for You

Just as I completed (as in 100% trophies gained) Escape Plan on my lovely PS Vita, a patch making the already easy trophy even easier has been released. If before to get most of the stars on each level you had not only to think and act fast, but also to do it in limited amount of gestures, now you are only bound by time.

I am extremely disappointed and totally outraged. Originally, I came up with an extremely simple trick to save on gestures - to not let go off of the screen. This way it was possible to have multiple gestures count as one. Easy as that. Probably everyone who gave this game serious time found out about this neat little trick. But no, the developers decided there is a whole bunch of mindless blobs out there who couldn't get their trophy fast enough. Just think about it - the adjustment made is only simplifying the trophy work. It doesn't affect the gameplay overall. I say, next patch should allow to trigger all the achievements on game start up...