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The Spawn

Couldn't help myself but to mention this: Robin Tunney is the ugliest creature I've ever seen on or off the screen. The first season of Prison Break was severely spoiled by her appearance, and now she poisons The Mentalist, the show which has a pretty interesting cast otherwise. I seriously don't understand how someone like Robin Tunney manages to get any kind of acting job. She is so ugly I literally get nausea every time I see her. I can admit she has something attractive about her eyes, but every other single feature overwrites it in an unpleasant way. As if this wasn't enough, her voice is very annoying. What is more important, she is not even acting. I've seen her on screen quite a few times and can say without a doubt she can't perform for shit, she just opens her eyes wide and starts crooking her already crooked mouth. The moment she gets shot in the first episode of second season of Prison Break is the most satisfying moment in the history of television…