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Deadpool . The Coolest Comic Hero of All

I've purchased Deadpool game at last. I've long waited for it to be discounted at Steam and the moment has come. During this week's Activision sale, on 15th of September, 2013, the game was discounted 50% and I snatched it right away.

I wanted this game badly for a very long time. Sadly, it was and still remains incredibly expansive on Xbox 360 and I never seen it discounted on Steam before now as well. Originally, after looking though the trailers, I thought about paying the full price of the PC version of the game. But then I saw some mixed reviews and decided to hold my horses. Now I know I was wrong to do so.

After playing the game halfway through, I must say that it's not only the funniest games I played in a really long time, it also boast an incredible simple but addictive gameplay and offers a welcome (although not that serious) challenge on maximum level of difficulty. Not only that, Deadpool has become my favorite comic book character. Yes, overshadowing eve…

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Thoughts upon completion

I've just finished PoP: The Forgotten Sands on PC. I've originally purchased the Xbox 360 version several years ago but never got to play it. The PC version was bought during one of the amazing Steam sales but managed to say off my hard drive for quite some time. Only now, three years after the release, I managed not only to play but also complete the game.

It's worth mentioning that completing the game wasn't much of a feat. On "normal" difficulty (maximum available on first playthrough) it took me 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the end credits. This has to be one of the shortest games I've played recently. There are arcade games and games on mobile platform boasting better length. Nonetheless, I managed to get bored of at least some of the aspects of the game. Namely, combat.

The combat in The Forgotten Sands is ridiculously dull and repetitive. This is the first and only PoP game that has a skill development tree. Thanks to that tree, the Prince can …