Deadpool . The Coolest Comic Hero of All

I've purchased Deadpool game at last. I've long waited for it to be discounted at Steam and the moment has come. During this week's Activision sale, on 15th of September, 2013, the game was discounted 50% and I snatched it right away.

I wanted this game badly for a very long time. Sadly, it was and still remains incredibly expansive on Xbox 360 and I never seen it discounted on Steam before now as well. Originally, after looking though the trailers, I thought about paying the full price of the PC version of the game. But then I saw some mixed reviews and decided to hold my horses. Now I know I was wrong to do so.

After playing the game halfway through, I must say that it's not only the funniest games I played in a really long time, it also boast an incredible simple but addictive gameplay and offers a welcome (although not that serious) challenge on maximum level of difficulty. Not only that, Deadpool has become my favorite comic book character. Yes, overshadowing even Batman.

I'm not a comic book reader and I've stumbled upon Deadpool in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Needless to say, I didn't pay much attention to the character there. The movie hardly makes him interesting at all. Now I know that Deadpool is incredibly cool and even thinking of buying some of his comic books of comiXology.

Special attention deserves the voice acting. It's superb. Deadpool is voiced by Nolan North whom I mentioned in a recent post. It's the guy most famous for his voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. Nolan appears in a lot of other video games too, Assassin's Creed being the most notable, probably. I also felt that, even though great as adventurous Drake, this voice actor wasn't anything special in any other games I've heard him in. Actually, he sounds just about the same everywhere. Not Deadpool though. Mr. North gives a stellar performance as Deadpool. I'll have to say this is his best performance this far. Hats off.

Some not so good thing about this game. There are loads of pre-rendered movies of low quality. Once again, I don't understand why they are present at all. All of them are made using the game engine and none of them feature any spectacular effects that couldn't have been rendered in real-time. Actually, there are a few real-time-rendered sequences that boast plenty of effects not seen in the pre-rendered movies. Considering the game runs on Unreal Engine 3, I don't understand why the High Moon just couldn't make everything be rendered before our eyes. A real shame.

Also, it's not the most impressive Unreal Engine 3 game out there. It's not very well detailed, to put it mildly. But the levels are pretty big. I've also experienced one technical problem so far. There are those red glowing chest during the one of the later levels. Opening them will grant your character DP used to purchase new skills. Sometimes (quite often) Deadpool will just refuse to open such a chest. It wouldn't have been that bad, really, as the chest don't grant that big of a bonus, but during the same level, while on one of the trials lead by Death, there's a possibility to get an achievement called "Diggin' in the crates" which requires Deadpool to open eleven treasure chests in the the Tombs. The trick is, while crossing the Tombs Deadpool is safe only while in the light shed by Death. Sadly, she is constantly on the move. Deadpool has to be really fast to open all the chest, otherwise he'll be left behind and die in the darkness. This achievement would have been a breeze if not for frustration caused by the bug preventing the opening of any of those chests. I couldn't really spot why this is happening. One time you can open some chest easily the other you can't open the same chest at all. I did get the achievement in the end but the bug left an unpleasant feeling anyway.

Despite the mentioned drawbacks, the game is incredible. I highly recommend it. It's worth even its full price.

As for comparison between the PC and the console versions, I can't say anything at the moment. As mentioned above, the X360 version is still damn expensive (costs £32.99 at I would have paid that for the game that cool but only if I didn't have it already on PC. Even without live comparison, I can be pretty damn sure PC version is miles better than its console counterpart. The game features non-stop rollercoaster of combo chaining and jumping around. Best served at 60 FPS. I highly doubt the console version runs at that.


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