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Red Dead Redemption - How Does It Hook Anyone Up?

The first time I heard about Red Dead Redemption, I got overly excited. I was excited for such a long time, too. I remember the game was already out, and I was visiting London and there were these huge RDD posters plastered all over the Tube. I was still dreaming about playing the game months after its release. I couldn't really afford the game, not for full retail price anyway. Sadly, the game was so damn popular, the price refused to go down.

Finally, after already all the DLC for Red Dead was released, I got the game. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I've put the game disc in, launched the game, preparing to dive head first into the adventurous world of wild west.

After as short intro, the game greets you with a tutorial of sorts. It can't be skipped. Basically, you are forced to do a whole bunch of really-really mundane stuff. Most of it concerns animals. You do some horse racing, you get about 30 minutes of horse back breaking, then herd cattle (several times).…