Red Dead Redemption - How Does It Hook Anyone Up?

The first time I heard about Red Dead Redemption, I got overly excited. I was excited for such a long time, too. I remember the game was already out, and I was visiting London and there were these huge RDD posters plastered all over the Tube. I was still dreaming about playing the game months after its release. I couldn't really afford the game, not for full retail price anyway. Sadly, the game was so damn popular, the price refused to go down.

Finally, after already all the DLC for Red Dead was released, I got the game. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I've put the game disc in, launched the game, preparing to dive head first into the adventurous world of wild west.

After as short intro, the game greets you with a tutorial of sorts. It can't be skipped. Basically, you are forced to do a whole bunch of really-really mundane stuff. Most of it concerns animals. You do some horse racing, you get about 30 minutes of horse back breaking, then herd cattle (several times). I'm not kidding when I say that I couldn't play Red Dead for more than 20-30 minutes every time I started it. It was so awfully boring. Every time I started it, it would throw more boring choirs at me. At one point, I got sick of all that animal care and though I could have some fun playing a mini-game of horseshoe throwing. Man, was I wrong to even start it. Basically, it's 11 rounds of swinging your analog stick back and forth. The game also takes a few seconds to load between your turn and your opponent's turn, turning the whole thing into a horrible drag.

I'm still at the point in the game where nothing is happening. Each time I go to get a story related mission I hope that the adventure will begin. Each time I'm forced to do something really tedious. I honestly don't see how people get hooked up on Red Dead Redemption. I know the game gets adventurous at some point, I mean, I've seen a lot of trailers - none of them showed any of the boring tasks I had to suffer through. But it's been over a month since I first launched the game, playing it only for a short while every time I launched it, not able to have a decent session just because of how boring the game was.

I recently played GUN. Another wild west free-roaming adventure. It certainly doesn't look as good as Red Dead Redemption, maybe even worse than Red Dead Revolver, but it features a heck of a gameplay. There are about two different tutorial section in the game, as far as I recall, both integrated into the story (just like RDD), but they are very short and to the point. They are also fun to do. I've played the game twice and never was bored by the tutorial bits. Ten minutes into GUN you are thrown into a roller coaster of an adventure. The thrill stops when the end credits start rolling. Judging by the experience I had so far with Red Dead Redemption, I would say the game has nothing on GUN, except some fancy graphics. Seriously though, taking care for animals for about two hours isn't fun no matter how good the graphics are.


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