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Escape Plan. Now Laid out for You

Just as I completed (as in 100% trophies gained) Escape Plan on my lovely PS Vita, a patch making the already easy trophy even easier has been released. If before to get most of the stars on each level you had not only to think and act fast, but also to do it in limited amount of gestures, now you are only bound by time.

I am extremely disappointed and totally outraged. Originally, I came up with an extremely simple trick to save on gestures - to not let go off of the screen. This way it was possible to have multiple gestures count as one. Easy as that. Probably everyone who gave this game serious time found out about this neat little trick. But no, the developers decided there is a whole bunch of mindless blobs out there who couldn't get their trophy fast enough. Just think about it - the adjustment made is only simplifying the trophy work. It doesn't affect the gameplay overall. I say, next patch should allow to trigger all the achievements on game start up...

Assassin's Creed: So Far and What's Next

Yesterday, got to playing Assassin's Creed Revelations on PC at last. Not only I had this game day one from Steam release, I already manged to buy a second copy and gift it to a friend of mine without even checking it out for myself first.

First of all, PC version of AC never felt better. Ubisoft continued the trend (started only in Brotherhood) to include graphical setting that will push the game much further from the looks of the console versions. Not only PC owners get to enjoy higher resolutions, it's possible to have nice looking shadows and a highly detailed crowd, among other nice details both, X360 and PS3 can't even dream of. Revelations runs very smoothly at 30-60 FPS (averaged at 45) at 1920x1080, all settings on maximum, on my severely outdated E8500 with 3GB RAM and GTX 295. Yeah, I'm getting a hell of a ride for what I've spent on my hardware 3-4 years ago.

AC: Revelations doesn't stand out from the other games in the series. The setting is diffe…

Difficulty Curve

After finally acquiring all of the God of War games currently available for PS3, I decided to start my adventure with God of War Collection: Volume II. This disc contains two of the Kratos adventures, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, both previously PSP-exclusives, now rendered at high resolution with AA and 60 FPS. Despite being located on disc labeled Volume II, Chains of Olympus is the very start of Kratos epoch.

I started the game on the maximum available game difficulty, Spartan Mode (one more difficulty level is unlocked upon game completion), and was having a blast of a time throughout the whole game. I haven't felt like the game is offering any serious challenge at any point of Kratos' short but brutal undertaking to save the world from the wrath of Titan Atlas.

I felt like game is cutting some serious slack up to the very end, the final battle, the dance to the death with Persephone, queen of the underworld. After dying for at least ten times in a row and abando…

Red Dead Redemption - How Does It Hook Anyone Up?

The first time I heard about Red Dead Redemption, I got overly excited. I was excited for such a long time, too. I remember the game was already out, and I was visiting London and there were these huge RDD posters plastered all over the Tube. I was still dreaming about playing the game months after its release. I couldn't really afford the game, not for full retail price anyway. Sadly, the game was so damn popular, the price refused to go down.

Finally, after already all the DLC for Red Dead was released, I got the game. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I've put the game disc in, launched the game, preparing to dive head first into the adventurous world of wild west.

After as short intro, the game greets you with a tutorial of sorts. It can't be skipped. Basically, you are forced to do a whole bunch of really-really mundane stuff. Most of it concerns animals. You do some horse racing, you get about 30 minutes of horse back breaking, then herd cattle (several times).…