Assassin's Creed: So Far and What's Next

Yesterday, got to playing Assassin's Creed Revelations on PC at last. Not only I had this game day one from Steam release, I already manged to buy a second copy and gift it to a friend of mine without even checking it out for myself first.

First of all, PC version of AC never felt better. Ubisoft continued the trend (started only in Brotherhood) to include graphical setting that will push the game much further from the looks of the console versions. Not only PC owners get to enjoy higher resolutions, it's possible to have nice looking shadows and a highly detailed crowd, among other nice details both, X360 and PS3 can't even dream of. Revelations runs very smoothly at 30-60 FPS (averaged at 45) at 1920x1080, all settings on maximum, on my severely outdated E8500 with 3GB RAM and GTX 295. Yeah, I'm getting a hell of a ride for what I've spent on my hardware 3-4 years ago.

AC: Revelations doesn't stand out from the other games in the series. The setting is different but it's still same Ezio you get to play, and I can't think of a reason to stick with this character for so long when it was obvious, right when he first came on stage, that he is not as cool and interesting a protagonist as Altair was. Nonetheless, Revelations is not as boring as AC II was and is completely on par with Brotherhood.

The original still remains the best game in the series. Not only Altair is the character I'll always associate with Assassin's Creed first and foremost, the story and gameplay of the first chapter in the AC saga were the most interesting of all the games in the series released up to date. Starting AC II, the game was stripped of major unique gameplay and storytelling elements, the atmosphere was never the same.

And now there's (at least one) ACIII out there for everyone to see. Upon watching the trailer, I got very excited about the new era and finally getting a new character. I was also hugely disappointed. The new AC trailer is not only the worst trailer of the series, it's one of the dullest and forgettable trailers overall. Every AC entry had an incredibly memorable trailer or even set of trailers and ACIII started with something extremely dull and original. I really hope the game will be unlike the trailer. Although, to think of it, the best AC trailer was actually for the best game in the series... The game that started it all.


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