Difficulty Curve

After finally acquiring all of the God of War games currently available for PS3, I decided to start my adventure with God of War Collection: Volume II. This disc contains two of the Kratos adventures, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, both previously PSP-exclusives, now rendered at high resolution with AA and 60 FPS. Despite being located on disc labeled Volume II, Chains of Olympus is the very start of Kratos epoch.

I started the game on the maximum available game difficulty, Spartan Mode (one more difficulty level is unlocked upon game completion), and was having a blast of a time throughout the whole game. I haven't felt like the game is offering any serious challenge at any point of Kratos' short but brutal undertaking to save the world from the wrath of Titan Atlas.

I felt like game is cutting some serious slack up to the very end, the final battle, the dance to the death with Persephone, queen of the underworld. After dying for at least ten times in a row and abandoning the game in a frustration, I now feel as this female boss is one of the most challenging encounters I have seen in any game lately. The most disappointing thing about the whole situation is how unbalanced Chains of Olympus appears. Compared to Persephone fight, everything else in the game is a  breeze. I remember dying about two times during my adventure alongside Kratos and now I'm completely stuck.

I haven't given Persephone a second chance. After having a row of most disappointing goes at her the first time, I feel discouraged to return back for another try. No matter if I finally have my victory over the goddess or not, I will definitely continue playing all the other God of War games. I could only hope that the remaining chapters have a better balance and have their difficulty gradually increased, instead of just throwing the player to hell at one point.


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