Royal Pedophile

Started watching Royal Pains just recently. Not that bad of a show really, the first episode was a pleasure to watch to my big surprise (I didn't expect much beforehand). But, as usual, I have a tiny-winy complaint about one of the actors. Meredith Hagner portraying Liby, this emotional sixteen years old girlfriend of an ultra-rich but deprived of parents' attention charismatic boy. The moment I heard Liby was sixteen, I went "what the..." The girl's skin doesn't seem too fresh and she is heavily wrinkled (we get to see all that thanks to extreme close-ups). In my head she didn't look younger than twenty-five. I have never heard of that actress before, so I had to turn to iMDB for reference. Meredith Hagner currently has only two credited works, and she is twenty-two years old. OK, I was wrong (although I still think she looks bad even for her actual age), but still, she is not even close to sixteen. I kinda got used to actors in their thirties playing young college students, but Liby situation is over the top. What sucks even more is that Liby's boyfriend Tucker, portrayed by Ezra Miller (liked him in Californication), appears his character's age. Liby and Tucker don't look that well together, and the word pedophilia comes to mind when I see them kissing.


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