Reminiscing about NES

Yeah, the title says it all. Recently, I tried to remember all the games I've played on NES, there was quite a few of them. Even though it was a long time ago (about 15 years) since the last time I played NES, I still can recall pretty much every game title I've ever seen. At the time, I didn't really have access to any game magazines and relied on pure luck when buying or renting a NES cartridge, so I managed to miss a bunch of really exceptional games.

Without a slightest doubt, I pick Darkwing Duck as my favorite NES game of all time. I actually never watched a single episode of the TV series by the same name, but the game was a gem. The music, the boss mechanics and the level design - it was all of the highest quality. Even though pretty short, the game never got old, and I had great fun completing it over and over again.

I found this list of 100 best NES games: To my considerable surprise, Darkwing Duck is not even on that list, although, in my opinion, it beats the hell out of several other games present. For instance, Contra and Adventure Island, placed 7th and 50th respectively. I remember giving Contra a shot several times, losing interest very fast every single time. The game just didn't appeal to me, appearing rather dull with all the mindless action going on. Adventure Island did in fact look like a promising title, but still, it was unable to hook me up. Couldn't really put my finger on the reason behind that though.

There are so many other games that stood out for me in the childhood, but the list is too extensive to post here. To name a few: The Rocketeer (I was crazy about the movie too at the time), Ice Climber and Lode Runner (those two were all-around favorites, just about every owner of NES I knew played and enjoyed them, even my mother got addicted to Lode Runner at some point). Oh, by the way, I realized the aforementioned list (the link) is a trifle when I failed to find Lode Runner on it... Should I even comment on that?

Today I checked several NES games to find out that the only one that still manages to capture my attention is Darkwing Duck. The game continues to looks sharp in every aspect. While The Rocketeer, for example, in spite of all the jet pack fun, comes forth as a boring game with dim graphics.


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