Lock Up

Yesterday I watched Locked Up (1989), an action prison movie starring Sylvester Stallone opposite Donald Sutherland. Now, I must admit, even though not a huge fan of Stallone, I have a very soft spot for this actor and enjoy most of his movies. I definitely wouldn't say that I can get the kicks out of every movie featuring Sly, I found it painful to watch Tango & Cash (1989) for example, but I do like some of his lamest movies nonetheless.

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Back to Lock Up. There is no denying that the movie had a myriad of plot holes, and still, I found it completely enjoyable and would undoubtedly have fun watching it again in the future. It's really hard to explain why I liked Lock Up: the plot is not original, there are so many goofs in the story it's better not to mention them at all, the characters, even though memorable (at least for me), are rather 2-dimensional. Still, it was quite easy not to think about all the flops but just go with the flow of the movie.

It was quite interesting to read this review here. The reviewer retells the whole story of Lock Up in great detail, mentioning most of its flaws, too. I wouldn't advise reading the review prior to watching the movie though. Not that it will spoil the fun by revealing the story's outcome, but it most definitely would make Lock Up appear as an extremely terrible movie, which it really isn't. I wouldn't have bothered to watch the movie if I've read that review first, that's a given, but I had fun reading it after I've already seen and was entertained by the movie.


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