Ben Affleck Is Finally Watchable

I've been hating Ben Affleck for a very long time.

Since Matt Damon and Ben Affleck made a loud breakthrough with Good Will Hunting, I started following both their careers with great interest. Matt soon became one of my favorite actors in Hollywood, I love most of his work (his Tom Ripley is one of the best acting performances I've ever seen) and always glad to see his movies.

Ben was a different matter. I wanted to like him but couldn't. I've seen about twenty of his movies, no less. He just walked through them with almost the same performance. It didn't really matter what movie genre it was or what his character was supposed to be, he couldn't property act out anything at all. To me he appeared a robot incapable of displaying any complex emotions.

I kid you not when I say that for a very long time already, while watching another movie with Mr. Affleck and realizing he is not doing anything new, I was trying to find something else to look at when camera was focused on him. My eyes could easily spot something more interesting to look at than his lifeless face.

The Town changed it all. I knew that movie is good before actually seeing it, but I was afraid that Ben Affleck is going to ruin it for me again, seeing as he was the lead actor. To my biggest surprise, Affleck actually acts in this movie. This is the first time I enjoyed his performance in about fourteen years, and I enjoyed it to great extent. It's really cool to start a new year with such a pleasant surprise. As a director though he is not very special (The Town was directed by Ben Affleck). The movie is filled with very tight close-ups, I was a bit annoyed with everyone having the top of the head almost always cut off.

I'll be sure to check Ben in the nearest future, hoping he will not return to his robot ways.


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