Beautiful Lie

I've been waiting a long time for a good price on Heavy Rain. I'm not in the habit of buying games for the full price no matter how much I want them. I just don't see the point, as I already have a vast collection of excellent video games for all the possible platforms, most of them still waiting to be played. Heavy Rain is certainly a title that you wanna play right here right now. It's also one of those games that makes me proud to be a PlayStation 3 owner (my main gaming platform is Xbox 360 as Sony made some horrible design choices for their system and does nothing to improve the situation). My wait for the right price was a painful one. Finally, I got the game.

Not only was I able to spot a satisfying price for this gem of a game, I was excited to find out that the version of the game I was ordering, the Platinum Edition, was a re-release of the Move Edition of the game. Sadly, I don't own the Move controller, but Move Edition is not only offering an ability to play using PlayStation's motion controller (the patch is available online for free anyway) but also contains some additional contents - one DLC, three few XMB themes, the OST and some videos (DLC and XMB themes are available from PSN but at additional cost). Great value, hands down.

How disappointed I was to find out that Sony deceived me. It was really unexpected and unpleasant. Apparently, even though Platinum Edition is advertised as a re-release of the Heavy Rain: Move Edition (the cover contains exactly the same information), it's only the original version of the game. I had my first surprise when the game started downloading a huge (over 1 gigabyte) update from PSN to add the Move compatibility. Obviously, this update is included in the Move Edition of the game. Next, I couldn't find any traces of the promised bonus contest.

I still would have bought the game for the price I paid even knowing it was the original version, that's a fact. Nonetheless, I feel so damn cheated by Sony. Why would you advertise one version of the game and then release a totally different one? I feel like I need a compensation for the moral damage. It surely has been done.


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