Nintendo Switch: Loved and Gone

So, I've bought Nintendo Switch day one. It was the beautify Neon Blue/Red edition. I also bought an additional charger (not to detach the one from the dock at home all the time), an official carrying case and the new Zelda game on cartridge, of course.

Although I was not impressed by the performance of the console (especially in docked mode), I immediately grew to love it and carried it with me all the time. Today will the first day I am going outside without it. Yesterday I've lost it - it was either snatched out of the backpack (while I was carrying it on my back) or fell out of that same backpack in the cinemas when I went to see Life. Sadly, I found out about the disappearance of the precious thing only hours later, already at home. I did immediately go to work and checked there (just in case), went to the cinema and not only asked about the lost and found, but even went to the same cinema hall I attended earlier and looked around. All useless.

I did lose over 400 euros worth of gear just like that. It is especially painful because I didn't even pay the whole amount right away - I used a small credit and only paid one-third of it now. So, I'll keep on paying for the thing I can't even enjoy anymore for the next two months. Surprisingly, this is not the most unpleasant thing about the situation. I've poured so much time into the Zelda progress, I've explored every nook and cranny on my adventure, I was so involved... and now all of this is gone forever. Even if (when?) I buy the console again, I will not be able to continue from the same state. Thanks, Nintendo, for not going along with the technologies and offering cloud saves like everyone else is doing for at least five years now.

Another problem is that it's impossible to buy the Neon/Blue edition anywhere around town, and it was so popular, that on it now costs about 100 pounds more than the regular grey one. I am definitely not paying that. This means I can't even buy all the same things I've lost for the same money - I have to pay even more or wait. I'll wait. And here I almost pre-ordered the Mario Kart 8 that comes out next month. And here I almost bought the World of Goo and wanted to enjoy it all other again, but now with different controls (I played the WoG on PC originally). Funny enough, the World of Goo came out yesterday and I almost purchased that on the spot. Now I am glad I haven't.


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