Oldboy, Old Memories, Wild Wild Boy

Isn't it wonderful how sometimes when you are thinking about one thing, your mind jumps to another?

Only a short time ago I was writing about Rorschach and mentioned its music, which was borrowed from the Oldboy (2003) OST. Soon after making that post, I started thinking about the movie. I watched it a long time ago and could only remember a couple of things from it (not including the fact that the movie was extremely violent, this is kinda hard to forget).

For one, the octopus which was eaten alive by the main hero. A really memorable scene - octopus' legs sticking out of Dae-su's mouth, swirling. And, of course, the legendary corridor fight scene (a very long continuous take, marvelous). This scene was actually the reason I got to see Oldboy in the first place. I heard about it before I even knew what the movie is really about.

Anyway, it seemed only logical to find the DVD and watch it again. What can I say? It is indeed a very impressive movie, a thriller with a message, a story of ultimate revenge. The music is stunning too. But damn that violence!

The bad news is that I hear that Oldboy is going to have a Hollywood remake. Well, technically, it's not going to be a remake of the original Korean movie, but rather a new title based on the same Japanase manga as the Oldboy was. It seems that it is very important for Hollywood that the manga didn't have the incest theme, among other things featured in the Oldboy.

I have nothing against remakes in general and wouldn't mind watching a new version of Oldboy, but having Will Smith in the lead role? No, no, no... That is not right. I have nothing against the guy and even used to love him when I was younger, but he just doesn't seem right for the role.

If the movie ever gets made, I will only watch it on one condition - if I get to drink 0.5L of vodka prior to seeing it. There is simply no other way.

I am getting giggles every time I think about Will Smith starring in a movie which features incest and see him eat an actual life octopus... but, as I already mentioned, all of this is not planned for the American version. No surprise. I predict a regular American thriller coming our way.


Anonymous said…
I've watched that mentioned movie half an year ago, and I could say I wasn't that good as it could be If I've watched much earlier in my life... Well Ya know those sands of old time are running pretty fast, like sad and grey rivers on nothigless... So all I can say It is rather stupid typicall asian movie, but with a couple good and remarkable moments...

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