Queens of the Jungle

TV series is my second biggest passion after video games. I wasn't such a big admirer only some time ago. I was always aware of what TV series is really about, but I never actually sticked to watching any show up until some time during 2003. It was the time I started dating this wonderful girl, lets call her Prussakas (in case you understand what this name stands for, don't be misled, it's actually much cuter than it sounds). It was this girl, whom I will never forget by the way, who opened the world of TV series to me.

I got sucked into it pretty fast. First, I was watching Home Improvement and Friends, but soon I discovered Futurama and Family Guy. Both those shows became my all time favorite (well, Family Guy went sour after the reboot).

Since then, I watched hundreds and hundreds of shows and found out something interesting - even though there are favorites, I tend to enjoy watching just about anything. "No show is a bad show" - I could this line as my slogan, I guess.

Recently I watched two seasons of the Lipstick Jungle. From the first seconds of episode one I felt something familiar about this show. Independent successful women living in the big city... soon it hit me - Sex in the City! I watched the credits more careful and my suspicions were right, both shows are based on the books by one and the same author, Candace Bushnell.

Sex and the City was one of the shows I changed my opinion about several times (this rarely happens). At first, I totally hated it. I had personal reasons behind it, they involved this girlfriend I mentioned before. Then, I started enjoying it a a lot. In the end, I grew totally unattached from it before it even was over.

Even though Lipstick Jungle looks a lot like Sex in the City at the first glimpse, those two shows are in fact totally different. If in Sex in the City we saw main heroes going through a lot of relationships, trying to find Mr. Right, in Lipstick Jungle all of the heroes already have found the love of their life (or find one pretty soon in the series) and the show is heavily based on solving the problems in the already existing relationship as well as problems at work.

Lipstick Jungle doesn't have the same humor as Sex and the City does, but I still tend to enjoy it more. I actually didn't like that going through dozens and dozens of relationships part of Sex and the City. It seemed to me that Carrie Bradshaw and her pack set way too high standards for men and didn't want to work a lot on the relationships, just preferring to try something different. In Lipstick Jungle we see women work hard on their relationships, trying their best to savor it and keep it alive.

All and all, Lipstick Jungle is a very solid show about women and their problems. Sadly, it seems like it will not live for long. After the second season was over, the show got axed and there are only slim chances that it will be continued.

Oh, one interesting detail about the Lipstick Jungle. Everyone in the show has an iPhone. I have never seen so much iPhones in a single movie or TV show. Being a huge fan of everything Apple, I totally loved it. Most of the show we get to see the original model of iPhone and towards the end of the second season we get to see some of the characters using the iPhone 3G model. Not only that, every single laptop in the show is an Apple one. Seriously, this is exceptional. I even got to wonder if Apple sponsored the show. Who cares though? Apple is cool.


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