When in Doubt, Say Yes to Pizza

So, I went out of town for a couple of days to hit the capital city. I don't usually leave my home town during this time of year, but this time there were several reasons for making the trip.

The main reason was to to the concert of a Russian band called Би-2 (Bi-2). I am not a big fan of Би-2 and like only a single song of theirs, Варвара.

This song is a really great fun, I spent almost two years performing it after getting wasted. I don't know how to play the guitar, but the song can be only played with four simple chords. I didn't all the words, but the chorus consists of only one word. So, me and all of my drinking buddies were ending up singing that single word really loud. These were the best days of my dorm life! This song is the reason I can say that Би-2 has a special place in my heart. As I already said though, I don't like the band overall. I think most of its songs are depressing and sound a bit alike. Also, I don't enjoy the lead vocalists' voice.

Би-2 has a special tour thing going on for some time already - they go around performing with Latvian symphonic orchestra. I though that the orchestra could make the band sound more interesting. And it did, but not interesting enough to make me enjoy it more than I did before. There were a couple of not so bad songs, including the one I liked so much, thus I didn't regret going. Even though it was the worse concert I visited so far (and I saw Mel C performing, she had a really lifeless concert), I still got to enjoy it at some extent. I guess no matter how good the concert is, it is hard to love it, if you didn't like the performer forehand.

The weather in the capital city was horrible, it was cold and the streets were slippery, this didn't encourage to take the long walks. I spent most of the time visiting cinemas and eating pizza at my all time favorite place - Pizza Americana. This place serves the best pizza I ever had and every time I get to the capital, I use the opportunity to pay the place a visit.

As for the cinemas. Finally, I got to see Doubt (2008). Not only it has my favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman starring, it also caused some commotion in the movie world with all the nominations.

I loved the movie. It revolves around Philip and Meryl Streep's characters and I was ecstatic to see their powerful performance. There is also Amy Adams, but even though she is pleasant to watch, I felt like her character was not at all important to the movie and could have done just as well if not better without her. Sister James, Amy's character, is used to advance the plot at one point, but some other means could have been utilized without any loss. Doubt is all about interaction between Sister Aloysius Beauvier and Father Brendan Flynn. Also, it felt like Amy Adams is playing almost the same role as she did several times before. In Catch Me If You Can (2002) and Enchanted (2007), the only other movies I saw with her, she plays this innocent trustful girl, an angel. Not really that different from her character in Doubt.

Some other movies I saw were Yes Man (2008) and Twilight (2008). I already watched the first one before, but enjoyed it none the less the second time around. As for the latter, I wanted to see it for a very long time already, but didn't get the chance up until now. Twilight is good. It's not extraordinary, but got me excited enough to want to read the books it was based on. I felt like the movie had some gaps in it and am hoping the books will fill the blanks.

I also got to play a lot of flOw (2008) and God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008) on PSP and realized that my battery needs to be replaced, it dies way too fast. flOw really says it all with its slogan - "go with the flow", it's really the perfect way to describe the game. As for the God of War, it is simply the best PSP game. I didn't like the original PS2 titles that much, but the PSP version is really good and delivers a lot of fun and impressive visuals at your fingertips.

All and all, I had a pleasant trip.


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