The Perfect Evening

So, I am having the perfect evening. Watching a really fun and warm TV series called Being Erica and drinking whiskey.

This time it's Jameson 1780 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey. The stuff is pretty expensive with a price of around $30+ for a bottle, but it is extremely pleasant. I really wasn't expecting such a smooth taste and a memorable aftertaste. A couple of pipes of Peterson's tobacco on top of that... Mmmm.

To rate the things which could make your evening as enjoyable as mine:

* Being Erica - kind and simple TV series, perfect for a relaxing evening.
* Jameson 1780 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey - one of the best drinks I had so far.
* Peterson's tobacco - I am having Sweet Killarney today. Peterson is not my best choice, but it's also not the worst I had.


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