Who Crippled Prince of Persia?

It looks like Blue Omega did. Just checked a couple of trailers for their upcoming video game called Damnation.

There are a bunch of videos dedicated to the game, all of them have one thing in common - they show a dull game with an unmemorable lead character and zero new ideas. And yeah, most of the videos feature lifeless zombie-like people who, one way or another, were involved in the production.

Just to have a point of reference, check this trailer out: Damnation, Verticality Trailer.

If a game features a commentary from the production team, I am used to very bright, interesting presentations. For example, all of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning videos (with commentaries) were fun and exciting to watch. Tim Schafer is pure pleasure to listen to talking about his upcoming game, BrĂ¼tal Legend. Well, there are plenty of examples.

The video I linked shows two emotionless guys, they don't look too excited about their game, nor do they say anything interesting about their game. They talk about the original take on the gameplay - Damnation takes things "vertical", meaning... well, meaning nothing. The guys on the video explain that there are a lot of places where the controllable character can climb down or up, saying that the it is not just about horizontal exploration. This in fact means that the game doesn't have any edge at all. There are dozens of other titles offering the same thing. Prince of Persia series for one.

Actually, the game does look like Prince of Persia, except it is set in the steampunk universe. The main character of Damnation repeats almost all of the Prince's moves, but he doesn't look like someone who should be able to perform them. He appears clumsy - he jumps like a bag of potatoes and climbs up the ledges as if he had both of his legs broken.

I understand that the game is "work in progress", but there is a month until release (the video is date September 28, 2008) and I don't think they will change a lot. Usually if the trailer is good, the game itself could be good. If the trailer is bad, the game is horrible. I really hope that Damnation is an exception, only because I love steampunk a lot.

Update: Here we go - GameSpot graded Damnation, giving it a sad 3.5. Guess, Blue Omega was unable to produce something better than was already shown in a few crappy trailers. And people say you can't judge a product by its trailer... Sure you can!


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